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Desert Caballeros Trail Ride

The Greatest Trail Ride in the American West

Ride out of Wickenburg across the high Sonoran Desert into the Bradshaw Mountians. Camp outdoors. Catered with outstanding three hearty meals a day. This ride is filled with camaraderie and lifetime friendships.

Unbelievable Vistas and Great Trails • Gourmet Food • Rental Horses if Needed (Wranglers Handle Horses) • Camp Crew Moves Camps • Camaraderie and Friendships Beyond Compare • Five Great Days in the Desert and Mountains • Parties Before and After the Ride

Join us for the ride of your life!
April 16-20, 2018

Rider Testimonials

As a veteran outfitter and guide from the wilderness of Idaho I wasn’t sure what to expect, but, I’m proud to know those who started this tradition in... (more)

George Truppi, Caballero

A week later and my head and heart are still in Arizona.

Anonymous, Caballero

This is a society of men who care for the endeavor we share, not just of the ride in Arizona, but the ride of being men on planet... (more)

Anonymous, Caballero

Welcome to the Town of Wickenburg

"Horses, Hats, History and Hospitality - they’re the foundation of our Town"
- Wickenburg, Arizona