Award Winners


Desert Caballeros Trail Skull

Each year, this traveling trophy is awarded to a rider “who ideally exemplifies a Desert Caballero with his mount, equipment and actions, and by his good sportsmanship and good fellowship in camp and on the trail”.

We congratulate the following Award Winners:

Neal Collins
Lloyd Carr
Bob Gustafson
Hal Dahl
Parks Emmert
Reg Craig
Ray Williams
George Murphy
Jeff Snyder
John Williams
Paul Kliewer

Russ Gasser
Ron Mayer
Sage Kester
Pete Fletcher
Earl Hardy
Dick Johnson
Al Margolis
Rusty Gant
Jon Hillegas
Ed Metzler
Gark Lynch

Bob Nuth
John Schrader
Bruce Meier
Jim Lytle
Alex Boyd
Tom Wilmeth
Jim Nichols
Harvey Holtz
Gary Dunlop
Leon Powell
Charlie Hoch

Bill Cavin
Edgel Pyles
Ron Greenwood
Rusty May
Fred Snyder
Tom Hunt
Andy Fischbach
Kevin Mallicoat
Lawrence Serrano
Travis Rushing
Joe Stevens

Desert Caballeros Trail Rider