A Men Only Invitational Ride!


Welcome to the 77th Annual Ride for the Desert Caballeros. Once again we’re working towards making this the great ride you have come to expect. With 76 Years of Consecutive Ride History, the Desert Caballeros Ride is the last point-to-point ride of its nature in the country. You will be part of one of the six camps comprising the DC Ride.

Next Ride: April 15-19, 2024

Desert Caballeros Trail Skull

Ride Itinerary

SATURDAY April 13, 2024:
Individual Camp Parties

SUNDAY April 14, 2024:
El Presidente’ Cocktail Party

MONDAY April 15, 2024:
Half-day Ride from Downtown Wickenburg to our First Camp

TUESDAY April 16, 2024:
Full-day Ride from First Camp Over the Mountains to Main Camp

WEDNESDAY April 17, 2024:
Day in Camp with Gymkhana, Trap, Hiking, Rest, and Races

THURSDAY April 18, 2024
Another Fantastic Full-day Fide from our Main Camp Over the Mountains to our Third Camp

FRIDAY (day) April 19, 2024
Half-day Ride Back to Wickenburg

FRIDAY (evening) April 19, 2024
Picture Party

Desert Caballeros Trail Skull

Parties, Parties & More Parties

This is the party schedule during the DC Ride. These parties take place on the Ride, after your weekend of camp parties, and the El Presidente Party and DC Silent Auction on Sunday.

April 15, 2024:
Californios’ Shrimp & Avocado Party

April 16, 2024:
Poor Boys’ Hawaiian Luau Party

April 17, 2024:
Remuda’s Margarita Party & Los Cab’s Duck Races

April 18, 2024:
Honkers’ Cheese Crisp Party

Desert Caballeros Trail Rider