DC Foundation

Non-profit Foundation Financially Supporting Ranchers and Military Heroes


Our Mission

The DC Foundation has an important mission: to help local ranchers in need, as well as future ranchers…and to share our great western trail riding experience with our military heroes. We humbly seek your support.

With a proud tradition of great western adventures, the Desert Caballeros, a Wickenburg, Arizona riding group, has much to be thankful for. Our members have enjoyed over seven decades of the greatest point-to-point destination trail ride in the American West. We have been blessed. The Desert Caballeros has supported local ranchers over our storied history and are proud to help perpetuate the traditions of the old west. And now it is right and proper that we give back. In addition to supporting our local ranchers and young people who wish to make their careers in ranching, we also support our active duty and veteran military personnel. We have established the Desert Caballeros Foundation, a non-profit foundation whose important, noble, and most worthy mission is to financially support these two special groups.

Why Donate

If you’ve been fortunate enough to have gone on one or more Desert Caballeros Trail Rides, you know the special sense of good fellowship and belonging to “something bigger than yourself” that being a DC rider gives you. Now we want to do something nice for another cowboy.

You can sponsor a “saddle” so that another cowboy can go on the Desert Caballeros Trail Ride riding “The (your or your father’s or another name) Saddle.” It’s a way to honor someone else, someone you love, and also do a good deed that should make you smile inside.

For these two reasons, we ask you to consider sponsoring a saddle, or a portion of a saddle… for a deserving U.S. veteran.

And please remember: You don’t literally purchase an actual saddle. You make a contribution that provides a deserving veteran or serviceman with a paid-in-full Desert Caballeros Trail Ride.

Who We Support

“Horses For Our Forces”

The Desert Caballeros will provide “ALL-EXPENSE PAID SPONSORSHIPS” for active duty or retired U.S. military personnel to join our trail ride and experience an amazing week of being a cowboy. The Desert Caballeros members welcome the opportunity to say, “thank you for your service” to those servicemen who might not otherwise be able to afford this unique Western experience.

It is our goal to provide four sponsorships each year to servicemen representing the major branches of our military…Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines. Our 100-mile annual trail ride, begun in 1947, traverses Federal, State, and private ranch lands

“Ranch Help”

Our second initiative is called “Ranch Help.” It is focused on helping the local Arizona ranches we ride through and camp on during DC Ride week. Our DC Foundation works with these ranches to mend fences, round up and doctor cattle, and assist the ranches in maintaining their economic and historical futures.

“Ranch Help” works with local school FFA’s (Future Farmers of America) and other organizations to promote the education and development of future ranchers and veterinarians, of whom Arizona has an ongoing and growing need. Our goal is to ensure the long-term success of Arizona cattle ranches, western culture, and the cowboy way of life.

DC Foundation News

The First Foundation Pancake Breakfast

The Desert Caballeros Foundation has hosted its first annual breakfast in support of our newly created “RANCH HELP” program. Learn more!