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The First Foundation Pancake Breakfast


Dear Fellow Caballeros,

The Desert Caballeros Foundation has hosted its first annual foundation pancake breakfast in support of our newly created “RANCH HELP” program and is in preparation for our first “Spring Roundup” on the Cooper Ranch and in support of the Ranch. The “Ranch Help” program has identified Wickenburg High School’s newly created Ag program to be the beneficiary of this fundraiser. One of the Desert Caballeros Foundation’s primary missions is to support the culture and heritage of the ranching community in Wickenburg. In addition, to supporting the students we also will be supporting the Ranches and make it possible for them to maintain the majestic landscape we have come to love on the DC ride.

The foundation like all good American institutions wants to thank and include our military in the DC Ride. We hosted our first Veteran in our Horses for Forces which pays the expenses and share their experiences as well.

desert caballeros foundation

The Desert Caballeros and its membership previously started a foundation – the Desert Caballeros Western Museum – which has evolved into one of the most prestigious organizations in our community and exemplifies our heritage through the arts.

Our current non-profit, The Desert Caballeros Foundation again wants to support the community and its ties to the very landscape which the ride transverses. The cultural identity of Wickenburg and the surrounding area is comprised of cattle, ranches and the American cowboy spirit.

The lofty goal of our foundation is to give our future stewards of these lands the skills necessary to continue managing the land, raising cattle, and doing so in a profitable, sustainable way and help our local young people perpetuate our great western ranching traditions.

We want to invite our want our Desert Caballeros family to support our foundation goals which in turn will tie Wickenburg to the Ride. The tradition we want to maintain is riding through the open landscape, consisting of wilderness and the surrounding ranches. The beauty of this area is unique consisting of Sonoran desert and the Hassyampa River drainage a rare riparian oasis in arid lands. The access and of this gem needs protection and maintenance which will allow the Ride to continue the 76 year tradition of riding, camping and fellowship.

The vision of our “Ranch Help” program is to create a variety of programs to give students a hands-on, practical education in how to operate a ranch or farm in a profitable and sustainable way.

Our future plans are to help create a center of excellence uniting all levels of education high school, junior college Ag business programs along with veterinary schools in shared training…where our students are exposed to the practical skills necessary to succeed at these endeavors in our great community.


The Desert Caballeros Foundation Board

Lawrence Serrano
Kevin Mallicoat
Nick Matich
Scott Joy
Rick Nulman
Brian Faulkner

Desert Caballeros Foundation Pancake Breakfastn
Coy and Hanna Kelly on Pancakes a the Desert Caballeros Foundation Breakfast
Desert Caballeros Foundation Pancake Breakfast
Coy Bowser with Ike at the Desert Caballeros Foundation Pancake Breakfast
Coy Bowser with Ike at the Desert Caballeros Foundation Breakfast